Waiting for the Next Disaster

Since that cloudless September morning in 2001, I’ve been secretly girding myself for the next uber-9/11 event. So imagine my surprise when I discovered this underreported tidbit this morning: the collision of French and British nuclear submarines two weeks ago in the Atlantic. Though reportedly no radiation was leaked, the submarines were carrying 250 sailors AND a whole bunch of nuclear warhead missiles. With high-tech mistakes like this between allies who needs the taliban and al queda to target us? I imagine Tom Clancy and Hollywood are already inking a contract. Maybe Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn will star as the subs’ captains. If I were writing the script, I’d throw in some ebola and lactose intolerance to ramp up the stakes. I’m sure this averted nuclear disaster will make the late-night comedy show rounds very soon.
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