Q: What Was Bush Doing While the Economy Was Melting?

A: Reading books.

Thanks to spinmaster Karl Rove, we now know that our supreme leader is not a philistine book burner, but a learned man of letters. In Rove’s new career, to rehabilitate his puppet’s legacy, he offers this WSJ column on how he and W. competed to read the most books and pages over the last few years. While it’s plausible that Bush actually read the listed books, a few investigators have done the math, in particular this analysis over at Book Patrol, which comes to the conclusion that it is unlikely Bush could have plowed through his list in so little time.

The above picture, I’ve just learned, is actually a fake. This was disseminated not long after 9/11 when Bush was reading along with an elementary school class down in Florida as the planes hit the towers. Snopes.com nailed the fraud here. I hadn’t realized though, that the book they were reading, America, A Patriotic Primer, was written by Lynne Cheney. Perhaps the only thing better than Oprah to enhance book sales is to have your husband be the vice president.
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